Tough Love #9: Love Will Find You. But When?

This continues my posts of Tough Love, a series of posts, giving direct advice to women based on the weekly VH1 show, Tough Love. If you have missed out on other posts, feel free to check out the other ones.

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Week 9: Love Will Find You. But When?

It’s no secret that some of us waited a long for love - and some are still waiting. If a major fear of yours is dying alone or being single at an older age, then I’m sure you’ve thought about the implications to that actually happening.

The constant sabotage and the various things that are preventing you from a long-term relationship WILL affect your future, whether you like it or not. And NOW is the time to take care of those things.

Things like being a party girl in your twenties - and your thirties - trying to get married before you’re ready or have experienced all there is out there and being involved with someone who is married are all elements of a person looking in the wrong places for a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

I’m sure you’d like to have children with the one you love, right? And I’m sure you’d like those children to have children too. As you get older, I regret to inform you but your stock decreases more and more. Your physical looks hold ZERO value at a certain point in your life. 

But it doesn’t mean that you need to rush and get into something that you don’t want or aren’t ready for. Maintain your priorities, work on YOU and don’t settle. 

Rather, make sure you’re satisfied.

True love is VERY hard to find and it takes time.

Know who you are, what you want and never be afraid to express that to someone who might be serious potential. At a certain point when dating a man, you need to get ALL of the important questions answered to REALLY decide if he’s “it.” 

This will be a good segue into the next post - later today.

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