Tough Love #5: The Wow Factor

This continues my posts of Tough Love, a series of posts, giving direct advice to women based on the weekly VH1 show, Tough Love. If you have missed out on other posts, feel free to check out the other ones.

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Week 2: Communication
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Week 5: The Wow Factor

What truly gets a quality guys attention goes beyond looks. Many women may find this hard to believe because it’s been promoted all over that men consider looks first. And this is true.

But if you’re looking to REALLY get a guy’s attention and want him to keep you around for the long haul, there HAS to be more. For guys, it’s the wow factor.

Wow Factor: the one thing that makes you stand out and special that guys will rave about incessantly.

Men want to go crazy over something other than looks. When he talks to his boys about you, he doesn’t want to just talk about how hot you are.

He wants to rave about the one thing that makes you amazing - something that makes you rare, as if not many women in this world have this quality.

So let’s not think about looks for this one. Because it’s not about that. Men are much more intuitive than women give them credit for. Men can tell from body language, facial expressions, your tone of voice, what you share about yourself and the breadth of knowledge on certain topics of discussion what kind of person you are.

THAT will be the TRUE deciding factor if a guy sees you as long-term potential. Any guy who isn’t inquisitive to knowing who you are and your quirks is someone that you need to pay attention to as to what his motive truly is.

If you know you do something special, exploit that. Guys want to see what you bring to the table that makes you unique. And remember that talents are all about showing personality. What you may think is a great talent, a guy may not care and that has EVERYTHING to do with what HE’S looking for and NOTHING about who YOU are as a person.

There is someone out there that totally loves the fact that you can open a bottle of beer with your teeth or that you know the capitals of every state in the US. Don’t be ashamed of what you bring to the table. Which leads to a point I need to make.

Negativity is NOW a dealbreaker. In a world filled with, hate, negativity and bad news wherever you go, YOU need to be the shining light in your life and to others. If you keep saying that you “can’t” do this, “won’t” do that or just not willing to be open-minded about things, you will LOSE. Period.

Have confidence in who you are and have a positive outlook. In other words, bring the E & O. And honestly, in this world, that’s a rare quality to see in women.

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