Tough Love #2: Communication

These posts are based on the reality TV series Tough Love. I don’t actually talk about what takes place on the show but I will talk about what women can learn from each episode’s theme. See the other themes that I talk about.

Episode #1: Creating a First Impression



Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. Without it, you really don’t have any type of relationship. And like any form of communication, it’s a two-way street.

No message would be interpreted if there were no one on the other side. Think of it this way.

When you call someone, you expect him or her to answer.

There are different types of communication that I talk about all the time, one being physical communication (also known as body language). This is the communication most people can’t understand or portray properly.

If you can’t physically express how you feel, you’re not saying about 70% of what needs to be said and chances are, the person across from you doesn’t understand you. Really be conscious about the messages you are sending with your body and make sure you are saying what you want.

If you are having problems with body language, get a wingman or wingwoman to go out with you and see what you are doing. It’s a good first step in finding out if you are sending the right signals.

One thing that I have noticed with most of my female clients is that her insecurity constantly shows every time a man gives her a compliment.

Once, maybe twice, a man will find that she’s modest and cute. Three, four, maybe seven times, he’ll be turned off by it and may start to hesitate to give her more compliments and wonder why she doesn’t receive them well.

Instead of brushing the compliment off, acknowledge it by doing this. SMILE and say thank you.

Lastly, I cannot stress this enough. Most guys will agree with me here, as well. It is quintessential that as a woman, you are confident about your natural look. Having tons of makeup on is FAR from sexy.

It tells men that you are insecure about your look or are overcompensating your beauty for something else that you don’t want men to know. These days, anything extremely artificial can lose you points. Natural beauty is in.

The true sexiness is being able to embrace your natural beauty, taking care of yourself and maintaining it.