Tough Love #1: Creating a First Impression



These posts are based on the reality TV series Tough Love. I don’t actually talk about what takes place on the show but I will talk about what women can learn from each episode’s theme.

Before I actually talk about this, I want to get something out of the way right now.

Men judge women physically. Period.

Biologically and as our primal nature, our mind receives well to our perception of a physically attractive woman. The reason why I word it that way is because every guy has a different perception of who that woman is.

To use this to your advantage, you don’t have to wear skimpy clothing, show off your cleavage, or dress out of your age range.

If you’re 50, you shouldn’t be wearing things post-grads are wearing. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t dress in a way that’s appealing and attractive. The key here is dressing in a way that is respectful.

Accessories. These are what’s going to make you stand out physically, so use that to your advantage. Men will notice and may ask about these things. If there’s a story behind what you wear, it’ll give you a chance to let him get to know the next thing.

Tip: The color red is the most attractive color, stands out easily in a crowd, and should be used as often as possible.

Personality. What you wear is a reflection of your personality. Remember that AMP Energy App that I talked about with the Wall Street Journal? The reason why I bring it up here is because each personality on that list was clearly represented (stereotypically) by what each woman was wearing. A similar thing happens here.

Present yourself as a normal, interesting woman.

The objective of a successful first impression is rather simple. Be fun and not complicated. The moment you show that you’re a Debbie Downer you’re out. To ensure that happens, an easy fix would be to SMILE! People are at their attractive prime when they are smiling, so why not show that off as much as possible?

When you have conversation, try to avoid the usual subjects (religion, politics and financial situation). There are reasons why you do this. You avoid the potential of conflict of differences; making the man uncomfortable and having him feel inadequate (not for their differences but for their lack of knowledge).

Instead, have positive energy and enthusiasm talking about whatever it is.

FOR MEN: Some women can have similar issues as men, including being able to engage a man and actually expressing interest so keep this in mind whenever you feel nervous about engaging and having conversation with a woman. This might put you at ease.